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CREATOR: @roger_cadiz

Crab - The Tenacious Explorer 🦀

This NFT is a part of this collection: Enter Holders Collection

At 500 billion NFTart coins, you are the crab, symbolizing your growing curiosity. Cling to your dreams like the crab to its shell, and you'll find treasures beyond your wildest imagination.


PRICE: (9 / 75)

50 Bn

$ 2.08

Roger is an creative soul /artist, creator, and musician whose passion lies in connecting audio to art and infusing physical items with profound meaning. With a raw and analog approach, his art takes shape as a digital edit, capturing the essence of old-school mono aesthetics and evoking a sense of relic nostalgia. His artistic prowess spans various mediums, from AI and mixed media to collage and physical artwork. Each piece is a portal into the depths of Roger’s imagination, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of their mind and experience a sensory journey like no other.

9/11/2023 9:38 AM
Bought 1 × $2.08
50 Bn
9/11/2023 7:50 AM
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9/11/2023 7:49 AM
9/11/2023 7:49 AM