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"My art wants to impress with quality and attention to detail and stand out from the crowd with its very own style." Jaio DosAnjos is an artist from Portugal living and working in Germany. Her abstract, acrylic artworks are in the possession of collectors around the globe. Some of her latest paintings had been exhibited and sold at A.R.T 2021 - Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan. Other collectors are from the United States, UK, Germany and Austria

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Skull Cards: The Dark Side

A deck of cards from the other side


In the bustling city of Spectropolis, everyone wore glasses. But these weren't ordinary glasses; they were unique, tailored to each person's personality and profession. In this vibrant metropolis, eyewear was not just a fashion statement but a reflection of one's identity.

Feelin' Cool

In today's urban landscape, a fascinating trend has emerged—people posing in the streets to exude an unmistakable air of confidence and coolness. This phenomenon is not merely about vanity but rather a unique form of self-expression. Individuals are using public spaces as their personal runways.

Pearls and Pigs

Pearls and Pigs. Two things that don't usually go together. But in this collection, they come together to create something special. This limited NFT collection features pigs with pearls. Each pig is unique and has its own character. This collection is limited to just a few pieces, so if you're looking for something special and unique, this is it. Grab your piece of history before it's gone.


A limited collection of Smarties. Affordable and sweet...

Monsieur Lulu travels the world

Monsieur Lulu's journey around the world....

Tempestade de Primavera

Tempestade de Primavera is Portuguese and means spring awakening.