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CREATOR: @luvcraft

Neon Skreamer 3

This NFT is a part of this collection: GLITCH ZONE

In the neon night's vibrant glow, A punk emerges, wild and bold. Screaming rebellion, fierce and free, Defying norms for all to see. Electric colors paint their hair, A wild expression, they proudly wear. Their voice pierces through the air, Challenging the world's despair. Their eyes, ablaze with fiery light, Reflecting a spirit burning bright. Unconstrained by society's chains, They dance to their rebellious refrains. A beacon of chaos, they ignite, With screams that shatter the silent night. In the neon's embrace, they find release, A symbol of individual peace. So let them scream, let them be, This neon punk, forever free. They defy the norm with every breath, A vibrant soul that conquers death.

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222 Bn

$ 6.16

Cris Frickenschmidt aka „Luvcraft“ is a multi discipline artist from Germany. Traveling Europe as a performing musician, Luvcraft draws inspiration from visiting new places and meeting new people. The terms valid for all NFTs offered by luvcraft on this platform can be found here: Luvcraft Discord:

5/19/2023 12:40 PM
Listed for $6.16
222 Bn
5/19/2023 12:39 PM
5/19/2023 12:39 PM