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Cris Frickenschmidt aka „Luvcraft“ is a multi discipline artist from Germany. Traveling Europe as a performing musician, Luvcraft draws inspiration from visiting new places and meeting new people. His artistic career started using color on different mediums and quickly evolved into computer based creation. Combining multiple pictures and textures with diverse blending techniques he is always looking for new ways to discover hidden hues of color and unseen shapes. More recently Luvcraft started use machine learning technology to color historic black and white photos and then to further remix them with different images. The results are a beautiful blend of old and new, spanning centuries of artistic expression.

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Fun Stuff

Just a place to gather silly ideas...

Californian Businesses In 1880

Re-Colored pictures of businesses from the late 1800s California. They were created from old ads wich often enabled me to use the old logos in these pictures, too.

Van Lambo

The definite answer to the question: "Wen Lambo?"

Featured Art

This collection shows my favourite pieces of the moment and will be frequently updated.

Van Moon

This is no small moon... it's a VAN MOON


This collection is where I collect the pieces that came into existence in collaboration with other artists.

Nice Price

Pieces for 5Bn or less. For the starting collector and just everybody. Enjoy art!

Sprawl: The Cyberpunk Collection

Meet the citizens of a dark future sprawl. Creatures in a city of night. These pictures are the base for the upcoming collectible cyber cards wich feature details from these original works.

The Bloonies

Just a fleet of friendly balloons - coming your way!


Some times it seems that cats are the one thing on earth that people everywhere can agree on.

Famous Mugshots

This is a collection of the photographic evidence of the weak moments of the rich, famous and beautiful.

The Unknown

The base for the pictures in this collection are historic photographs of people whose names are lost in time. Here they resurface in vivid colors.

Luvcraft Art Skulls

Each individual skull has a different piece of my own art projected onto it. After that an individual background for the skull was created. There are 100 collectible skulls in this series, available on different platforms.

Colorful Glimpses Of The Past

From the long gone past into a colorful neon Cyberpunk future. These collages melt historic pictures that were colorized as first step to modern architecture and sci-fi elements. Some of these pieces are available at Displate metal print.


Collages based on photographs of vehicles of different types. Colorful creations of the moving kind.


Hey, look, it's moving!

Historic Celebrities

This colorful collection contains digital collages. The base to each picture is a historic photograph, often more than 100 years old. I bring the colors back out and pull these images straight out of the dust they have gathered in these long years in the archive. Some of these pieces are available at Displate metal print.

The 70s

The good times are back! This collection focuses on items that were very common in the 70s and pretty much disappeared today. So: Behave and build up your collection!


These pictures don‘t just try to say something…

Colours Of The Ocean

Most of our planet’s surface is covered by beautiful and very fragile oceans. It is time we put more emphasis on the protection of the oceans and their inhabitants.


Let's celebrate the creepy and the eerie!

The 60s

A pixel art series celebrating the 60s.

The 00s

Before we startet a new millenium, the year 2000 always sounded like science fiction. For many it was quite a disappointment...