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CREATOR: @luvcraft

CASE 66C124 | SIN ΞZh2F38SΞ | Herrera, Charles P.

This NFT is a part of this collection: SCPD FILES

Mr. Herrara is not a stranger to the department. Some would say he’s not a violent criminal. Dozens of high-grade Als would beg to differ. He leaves a trail of severely damaged systems. His behavior is erratic at times possibly due to substantial brain damage and substance abuse. Officers are advised to approach this suspect with care. —— Part of the collection „SCPD FILES“ revealing some cases of the Steam City Police Department.

Each piece of the collection is based on an AI created character that has been refined and improved in photo editing software. After that the flat image is mixed with a hand made depth map and then animated in 3D. The image is then integrated in video and animation software. Finally each character is getting a custom composed sound loop.

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250 Bn

$ 6.77

Cris Frickenschmidt aka „Luvcraft“ is a multi discipline artist from Germany. Traveling Europe as a performing musician, Luvcraft draws inspiration from visiting new places and meeting new people. The terms valid for all NFTs offered by luvcraft on this platform can be found here: Luvcraft Discord:

2/1/2023 3:03 PM
Listed for $6.77
250 Bn
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