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This NFT is a part of this collection: Monsieur Lulu travels the world

NFT of the collection "Monsieur Lulu travels the world" Austria/Vienna/Karlskirche: The Rektoratskirche St. Karl Borromäus, commonly called the Karlskirche (German for 'St. Charles Church'),[1] is a Baroque church located on the south side of Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria. Widely considered the most outstanding baroque church in Vienna, as well as one of the city's greatest buildings, the church is dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo, one of the great counter-reformers of the sixteenth century. (source Wikipedia)

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"My art wants to impress with quality and attention to detail and stand out from the crowd with its very own style." Jaio DosAnjos is an artist from Portugal living and working in Germany. Her abstract, acrylic artworks are in the possession of collectors around the globe. Some of her latest paintings had been exhibited and sold at A.R.T 2021 - Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan. Other collectors are from the United States, UK, Germany and Austria

6/1/2022 6:00 PM
Listed for $6.77
250 Bn
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