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CREATOR: @chocking_crypto

#85 Chocked Soul

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291 Bn

$ 110.56

*Check the CREATED section to see all the NFTS DISCORD LINK: hey NFT community !!! ✨✨ Thank you for the love you are showing to the Avatars 🙏 this is a series of #5000 Unique collectible NFT Avatars 💀 for the souls coming from the Crypto World 🌐 , if you've been there you will know exactly how harsh it is , as it can take your life savings from you ... ! 💸 as long as you survive crypto you will see things happen like these chocked souls do All of them are always dealing with their trades or investments and we capture the moments by hand drawing them. this collection Unique takes time, need real art skills and experience to make . the More collections created, the more interesting the themes will get you still early . we are launching the metaverse collection :a 3D chocked souls characters playable for real with real attributes in a real metaverse world soon -twitter : UNLOCKED ✅ -themes category : UNLOCKED✅ -Custom avatar : UNLOCKED✅ -Discord : UNLOCKED✅ -Featured Artist : UNLOCKED✅ -Metaverse 3D playable characters: IN PROGRESS -Web site with Utility : unlock with EnterX -2 Years road map : unlock @ 150 sales we will go far 🚀 and we will only be selling 2D nfts here 🧩 on our lovely platform. 💎Giveaways on twitter , link below , follow me to be early to ape on new avatars 🌟(4k resolution can be sent to the owner) 🎉 Custom Avatars and Custom print Dimensions are now available for 150Bn tokens ... DM on Discord or twitter 😈you can always place an offer while a new collection is being minted 🌟only 1 on 1 mint for each avatar , be ready to ape in and choose wisely ... you will be the only owner 🤴 🌟Art description is key to relate with the avatars

1/16/2022 9:09 PM
Bought for $110.56
291 Bn
1/16/2022 9:08 PM
Listed for $110.56
291 Bn
1/16/2022 9:04 PM
Auction canceled
1/14/2022 4:55 PM
Put on auction #3283
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1/14/2022 3:47 PM
1/13/2022 9:22 PM