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*Check the CREATED section to see all the NFTS DISCORD LINK: https://linktr.ee/chockedsouls hey NFT community !!! ✨✨ Thank you for the love you are showing to the Avatars 🙏 this is a series of #5000 Unique collectible NFT Avatars 💀 for the souls coming from the Crypto World 🌐 , if you've been there you will know exactly how harsh it is , as it can take your life savings from you ... ! 💸 as long as you survive crypto you will see things happen like these chocked souls do All of them are always dealing with their trades or investments and we capture the moments by hand drawing them. How it works: send your offer to first Hand Nfts you wish to have, or simply explore the 2nd Market you still early . we are Working on the metaverse collection :a 3D chocked souls characters playable for real with real attributes in a real metaverse world soon , 10 nfts will give you the opportunity to have a free 3D character -twitter : UNLOCKED ✅ -themes category : UNLOCKED✅ -Custom avatar : UNLOCKED✅ -Discord : UNLOCKED✅ -Featured Artist : UNLOCKED✅ -chocked souls collection ✅ -Chocked FIENDS collection✅ -Paparazzi collection ✅ -Metaverse 3D characters collection: IN PROGRESS (huge task)⏰ -Generative collection:📝 -Utility1 for the chocked souls collection:📝 -Utility2 for the generative collection:📝 -Physical 3D printed status :📝 -Web site : unlock after EnterX -2 Years road map : unlock @ 150 sales we will go far 🚀 and we will only be selling 2D nfts here 🧩 on our lovely Enter.art platform. 💎Giveaways on twitter , link below , follow me to be early to ape on new avatars 🌟(4k resolution can be sent to the owner) 🎉 Custom Avatars and Custom print Dimensions are now available for 150$ ... DM on Discord or twitter 😈you can always place an offer while a new collection is being minted 🌟Art description is key to relate with the avatars

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ChoCkeD SoulS

-Chapter 1: FUD origins -Unique Avatar series coming with back story`s that need to puzzled to link events ! this souls are coming chocked from the Harsh World of Crypto and capturing special or hard moments is our goal. (not randomly generated)

ChoCkeD Fiends

Chapter 2: the unexpected souls -Nightfall Fiends were humans once, but mutated for living in the undergrounds, isolated for generations. ! they developed their own way to survive and they finally decided to get out and exchange knowledge with the FUDFuckers before the big war VS the FUDRAW .... -your task : is to form a team to join the army !! choose between Classes ,Types and Levels (Unique Avatars)

RARE ChoCked souls (leaked photos) -New drop soon

the chocked souls are all over the world and getting famous , a Paparazzi is the perfect recruit to leak super ... super personal photos ! to do that he need to travel and search for them ... -he still working with his Old camera ... a very old one but first let`s test his selling level before we buy him a new one ... the model `Huion Kamvas 22`

Famous Souls Club 👑

A Chocked soul NFT can increase its own reputation ++ and Join the Famous souls Club collection🍻 by generating more sales 💹 and own a Longer contact list based on History 😎... if it does , you will find it here 👀

Custom avatars

team up with the Artist and let your imagination come to life in a Personalized chocked soul ...

Burned Soul

This Burned soul have one job!! |BURN $NFTART tokens|