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CREATOR: @chano

Ratoon "The Oracle"

This NFT is a part of these collections: Ratoons, ratoon

In the mystical realm of Ratoon, "The Oracle," a mouse dons ethereal robes woven from the threads of destiny. With eyes gleaming like orbs of foresight, The Oracle unravels the tapestry of the future, exuding an air of ancient wisdom and mystic insight. A conduit to celestial truths, this small yet mighty rodent invites all who approach to glimpse the secrets hidden within the veils of destiny.

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$ 4.52

Filipino self-taught digital artist, I am more into cartoon-style artwork, and freelancing is my way to earn money for a living and now NFT is the new trend that took my interest.

3/1/2024 5:36 PM
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162.7 Bn
1/8/2024 12:51 PM
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1/8/2024 12:50 PM
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