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Filipino self-taught digital artist, I am more into cartoon-style artwork, and freelancing is my way to earn money for a living and now NFT is the new trend that took my interest.

Gangzter Apez

Gangzter Apez are a non-generative NFT art collection. All Characters are unique and are drawn manually. If you're into ape gangster-looking PFPs, then this collection is 100% yours. If you buy it, you can request a png file format without the background so you can use it for commercial purposes.

Lavish Animals

Lavish Animals is a non-generative NFT and a limited collection of 777 PFP artworks. They are animals who act like humans and wear luxurious outfits.


EnterBoyz is a 5555 PFP generative collection. This collection can be likened to the lives of today's young people, some are naughty, good, or devilish.


Ratoons are the new generation after human extinction. The first ratoon that steps onto the earth found a book about the human lifestyle and teaches to the next ratoons generation. Ratoons are non-generative art, each ratoon has different and unique characteristics. Each week new Ratoons will show up. Hope you guys stay updated. Thank you :) Those who collect Ratoons are encouraged to join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/pdFqjPYS Twitter: https://twitter.com/ratoonsnft

Mind Creatures

"Imagination that runs through your mind"....... A collection of fantasy characters living inside the Enterverse. Every people in this world have a creative mind that can make their own characters inside their head, like the superheroes and villains that we watch in cinemas....... This is the short story of Mind Creatures, The Spirit fox created a portal going to Enterverse to rule peace and stop those intruders who want to destroy the Enterverse but the Evil Overlord finds a way to create their own portal and their evil plan is to make other forces from other Cryptoverse destroy the good community of Enterverse.