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CREATOR: @yasmaanik

Ecstasy of Nature 1

This NFT is a part of these collections:, MyOwnVerse Gallery, Digital Art project by Cinema Touraco Studio Each NFT will serve you as a double edge sword giving you insider access to news, updates, giveaways, invitations and future tools Such as augmented reality events and airdrop. Owners also will be notified on new art as well as sponsorship events With Cinema Touraco Media Art Studio. For more information you can visit the link below Http:// Using input from specialists in artificial intelligence neural networks and after many hours of calculations, this system has managed to develop an understanding of artists techniques and patterns and integrates them with personal hand-drawn and digital designs leading to a creation of works of art in a unique style. After that, best works from the unique and non-repetitive arts created by YasAI are selected and edited manually while adding additional digital layers.

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Yasaman Sharifzadeh, author and researcher of art and technology, on topics such as blockchain and the establishment of a decentralized economy in art, artificial intelligence and its consequences on art and artist insight, differences and applications of augmented reality, virtual reality and expanding reality on the future world is active. She is a Theater Directory graduate of the University of Tehran and in 2020 with the project "The first collaboration between artist and artificial intelligence" and the opening of the first digital art online gallery combining illustration, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and finally presenting NFT works as a leader. Known in the art of cryptography and digital arts. She later established himself as an interdisciplinary artist with the help of artificial intelligence and augmented reality by attending the prestigious Ars Electronika International Media art Festival with NFT Video Art Persepolis City. Sharifzadeh has participated in the opening of many private galleries in the field of digital arts and cryptography and currently acts as the official ambassador of reputable international platforms. Sharifzadeh has run the Cinema Touraco startup at his own expense and is currently collaborating with internationally renowned artists. For now Cinema Touraco running the international events and virtual galleries related to NFT and Metaverse.

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