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*Be a Part Of my early Sale. with DISCOUNTED Prices*. DM me on Instagram to promote after purchase * I'm a Media artist Founder of Cinema Touraco Art Studio. Art has been a part of me since childhood and I've been searching for the right branch of art to express myself ever since. I was always a good painter but that alone didnt fully satisfy me. I graduated in Theater and advanced well. mainly due to images i was constantly creating in my head in forming the most unique perspective for the audience. It was in 2016 that i came across the true potential of digital arts and decided to quit my job in the movie industry and pursue education in digital arts and technology. Since then i have been relentlessly gaining information and experience in creating various AI, AR, VR and hybrid art. You can see some of my work by visiting the website www.yasmaanik.com. Before NFT gained its recent hype, i have been producing AI paintings since 2019 and was even managing a small group of neural network specialists. I'm not new to this game but have been strengthening my profile since 2016 and i believe now is the right time to shine. I truly hope you enjoy my work and will be at your service at any time in case of any questions, remarks or proposals.

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Aiarts.ir project by Cinema Touraco Studio Each NFT will serve you as a double edge sword giving you insider access to news, updates, giveaways, invitations and future tools Such as augmented reality events and airdrop. Owners also will be notified on new art as well as sponsorship events With Cinema Touraco Media Art Studio. For more information you can visit the link below Http://www.cinematouraco.com Using input from specialists in artificial intelligence neural networks and after many hours of calculations, this system has managed to develop an understanding of artists techniques and patterns and integrates them with personal hand-drawn and digital designs leading to a creation of works of art in a unique style. After that, best works from the unique and non-repetitive arts created by YasAI are selected and edited manually while adding additional digital layers.
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