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CREATOR: @woji_noisulate

A/V era 01

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Experimental Audiovisual Artwork




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  • Created: Oct 5, 2021 at 1:39 AM
  • Owned By: @joe
  • Category: Video NFTs
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Woji & Noisulate are an artist duo working with sound and video. They are currently focussed on the idea of Dematerialization with particular emphasis on the theory "Dematerialization of the Art Object" Both Woji and Noisulate recently graduated with Masters Degrees in Fine Art. Woji is an American sound artist. She is interested in sounds which shape the social auditory landscape and inform our wider shared consciousness. Amplifying aural information otherwise overlooked forms the foundation of Woji’s practice, which aims to destabilize the hierarchy of sounds. Her process involves harvesting raw data in the form of audio recordings and video footage. Using various analog and digital manipulation techniques she playfully accentuates aspects of the original, creating a transformation. Noisulate is a British sound artist. His practice involves creating aural experiences which draw an audience's attention to sounds and sonic events which usually go unnoticed. Working with a range of electronic equipment he is able to create a variety of physical and non physical sound sculptures. The physical sculptures use materials in a traditional sense, whilst generating sound, where as the non-physical sculptures act as sound compositions and have no material substance.

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