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A team of two artist, one digital illustrator, one traditional painter whose both fell in love art and nft


Charcools are the little spirits left from the trees and lively beings that were destroyed in the forest fires that broke out on our planet. The long journey of these cool friendly spirits is just beginning. The sole purpose of each Charcool is to find people who will add color and joy to their lives by planting new saplings together and making our world green again. . For each Charcool adopted, saplings will be planted on behalf of the original owner. The certificate certifying this will be sent to her/him via e-mail, issued on behalf of the owner. You just dm us your e-mail and prefered name for the certificate. The Charcools Collection on Enter.art will, be created and completed from 1000 hand-drawn unique and stylistically curated animated NFTs.💕 You will be able to download Exclusive Ready-to-Print 50x70cm Charcools Poster as unlockable content when you adopt one. 🚀 1-100 Minted / 0.05 BNB Floor Price 🚀 101-200 Minted / 0.06 BNB Floor Price 🚀 201-300 Minted / 0.07 BNB Floor Price 🚀 301-400 Minted / 0.08 BNB Floor Price 🚀 401-500 Minted / 0.1 BNB Floor Price 🚀 501-600 Minted / 0.12 BNB Floor Price 🚀 601-700 Minted / 0.14 BNB Floor Price 🚀 701-800 Minted / 0.16 BNB Floor Price 🚀 801-900 Minted / 0.18 BNB Floor Price 🚀 901-1000 Minted / 0.2 BNB Floor Price

Timeless Messages

Messages, lessons, mistakes from all around time and center of humanity… All of these messages sometime saves us from mistakes and maybe new ‘trues’ who knows. These “little notes” defining who we are that for sure even we accept or not. Timeless Messages is a collection of works drawn by me in years. Every one of them drawn after an experince with dense feelings, so some of them old like 20 years. Will new items be added to this collection? Time itself will determine that. There are 30 1/1 pieces in this absolutely unique collection.