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CREATOR: @roger_cadiz

Robotica Erotica-Femina1/1

This NFT is a part of this collection: Robotica Erotica 1/1 Collection

Femina - The Elegance of Femininity: In "Femina," the essence of femininity is celebrated. Each piece in this collection invites you to explore the curves and mysteries of womanhood, where emotions bloom like delicate petals. Welcome to the world of "Robotica Erotica." We invite you to embark on a unique journey into the future, a future where technology and sensuality merge to create a world of unbridled passion, connection, and emotion. The Collection: "Robotica Erotica" comprises a limited 777-edition series, with a select offering of 12 exclusive 1/1 editions available on Each piece in this collection is a testament to the creative vision of its creator and represents a bridge between humanity and technology, a fusion of the synthetic and the emotional. The Concept: Picture a world in the year 2099 where the boundary between humans and machines has blurred, and we've succeeded in granting robots the ability to feel. These mechanical beings, once mere tools of industry, have now transcended their original purpose and evolved into truly erotic creatures, each with authentic emotions and desires. "Robotica Erotica" explores the tantalizing, thought-provoking question: What happens when the line between human and machine becomes blurred, and machines awaken to their own sensual desires, driven by emotions just like us?

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777 Bn

$ 33.23

Roger is an creative soul /artist, creator, and musician whose passion lies in connecting audio to art and infusing physical items with profound meaning. With a raw and analog approach, his art takes shape as a digital edit, capturing the essence of old-school mono aesthetics and evoking a sense of relic nostalgia. His artistic prowess spans various mediums, from AI and mixed media to collage and physical artwork. Each piece is a portal into the depths of Roger’s imagination, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of their mind and experience a sensory journey like no other.

10/28/2023 5:48 AM
Listed for $33.23
777 Bn
10/28/2023 5:47 AM
10/28/2023 5:47 AM