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CREATOR: @roger_cadiz

Resurrected Christ#02

Welcome to the "Resurrected Christ" Collection. Abstract art Limited collection of 50 Editions. AI/Mixedmedia collection




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Roger is an creative soul /artist, creator, and musician whose passion lies in connecting audio to art and infusing physical items with profound meaning. With a raw and analog approach, his art takes shape as a digital edit, capturing the essence of old-school mono aesthetics and evoking a sense of relic nostalgia. His artistic prowess spans various mediums, from AI and mixed media to collage and physical artwork. Each piece is a portal into the depths of Roger’s imagination, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of their mind and experience a sensory journey like no other.

10/13/2023 11:48 AM
11/22/2022 9:54 PM
Listed for $9.10
250 Bn
11/22/2022 9:53 PM
11/22/2022 9:53 PM