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CREATOR: @roger_cadiz


This NFT is a part of these collections: 250 Enter Whales connected to 250 NFT's/Prizes, Enter Whales

Enter Flipping Whales: Everybody want to be a whale on Enter. These utility NFT’s Gives all community members the chance to become one by flipping nft’s and become a whale. 250 Prices are connected to the 250 editions. So flip your whale and join the game! Enter Whales flip Collection. Limited collection of 250 utility NFT’S. 210 Common/20 Rare/10 Epic/5 Legendary/5 Giveaways. 5 Golden editions.(Golden Editions contains High priced Nft’s and will be handed out to 5 members that have collected 10 Edtions.1 of those 10 has to be rare/epic/legendary) Utility NFT’s: 1)One Free NFT is Connected to every Enter Whale. Buyers info contains the link to collect yours.(First buyers only). How to collect your NFT: Step 1:Share your Whale on one of your socials and tag @rogercadiz and @keyoveride. Step 2:Copy the link from the buyerinfo and send it trough enter mailingbox to confirm you as the new owner. 2)Grow your bag by flipping free nft’s and support lauchpad/Featured Artists at the same time. Help artists grow and we build up exposure as a community and discover new art. Prices: 200x NFT’s*Connected prizes to the Enter Whales flip collection. Pricerange 5BN to 10T (Retail)From top collections of featured/Launchpad Artists. 10x WLspots for upcoming projects. 10 xToken prices (5BN-100BN) 10x Discount coupons 10/25/50% discount prices on the next purcase. 10x 1 Lootbox(50 to 100BN Range) 5x Nft’s with physical items included(Shippingcosts for buyer ) 5x Golden Editions(Collect 10 whales with at least one rare/epic/legendary and win a golden with prices from 1 to 10 Trillion pricerange. 250 Prices can be found in the Enter Whales Prices Collection. The prices are added when the nft is minted and cant be changed. Floorprice 125Bn to 240Bn we raise 10Bn every 10 editions.

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350 Bn

$ 20.65

4/26/2022 10:16 PM
Listed for $20.65
350 Bn
4/25/2022 7:19 PM
Bought for $7.38
125 Bn
4/21/2022 4:23 AM
Listed for $7.38
125 Bn
4/21/2022 4:22 AM
4/21/2022 3:36 AM