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CREATOR: @radioactive_cake


This NFT is a part of this collection: Collage/Comic style

Stylizations of some of my favorites and other popular fighters. It took quite a while to get it where/how I wanted it, but in the end, I feel like I can see some of their personalities inside their depiction. First owner gets vertical and horizontal versions, plus all individual pictures.

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65 Bn

$ 1.86

Robert is a Berlin based producer and mastering engineer, who has done pioneering "work" in psychedelic electronic music and released numerous albums/EPs with multiple music projects like Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, Munstrous and Dark Passenger. Robert made his first productions in 1999 and gradually evolved into a presentable and later established artist in Psytrance...or rather a sub genre of it, called Dark Progressive or Psygressive Trance. He is also busy in other genres, such as Progressive Techno and experimental music for the occasional drift-away. Robert is also an abstract graphic artist<-hey hey hey...easy on the "artist" there->and you'll find some of those creations as NFTs.

1/2/2022 7:52 PM
Listed for $1.86
65 Bn
1/2/2022 7:49 PM
1/2/2022 7:42 PM