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Robert is a Berlin based producer and mastering engineer, who has done pioneering "work" in psychedelic electronic music and released numerous albums/EPs with multiple music projects like Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, Munstrous and Dark Passenger. Robert made his first productions in 1999 and gradually evolved into a presentable and later established artist in Psytrance...or rather a sub genre of it, called Dark Progressive or Psygressive Trance. He is also busy in other genres, such as Progressive Techno and experimental music for the occasional drift-away. Robert is also an abstract graphic artist<-hey hey hey...easy on the "artist" there->and you'll find some of those creations als NFTs. info@antilogic.de www.antilogicberlin.com

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Radioactive.Cake Music

My Radioactive.Cake music. This would be described as Dark Progressive Psytrance, Psygressive, Zenonesque.

Munstrous Music

My Radioactive.Cake music. This would be described as PsyTecho, sometimes melodic, sometimes dreamy.

Dark Passenger Music

My Dark Passenger Music. Unusual Downbeat and Ambient music.