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CREATOR: @qepri

Ardra Ahum

This NFT is a part of this collection: Kordac Uxmat 01

In my journey of finding my own self, this is great . But it may take more than just one movement to accomplish. If you really want your own life, this is there: the way you want it. "We can live in any world but you cannot live in any world but you can live in any place". I also had my heart set on building something that would allow me experience something that I find a bit terrifying (and not so "dangerous", as I might put it)

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Multidisciplinary Artist. Dreamscapes, collages, films and automatic drawing. Welcome to my inner realms website:

1/28/2022 9:27 PM
9/29/2021 4:11 AM
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9/29/2021 4:09 AM
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