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A Post Apocalyptic farmhouse

Day and night cycle of a postapocalyptic farmhouse made using 1 bit colour space.


#1 can mean many things to different people! for the collectors #1 of any series is the best investment! For the artists it is the first prototype that they make investing most of their time and energy just to get it right! #1 can be the rank you aspire to achieve in sports or in your cohort! It is a symbol of excellence and in metaverse it is a symbol of a beginning of something new! In the end what really matters is what it means to you?

Trons (Genesis)

starting at 60 ¢

Legends of Draco the pixel dragon slayer!

Part of Endangered and Extinct series


High quality flamingos aliased by hand in Ps!

Available to Purchase in store!

(Starting from 0¢) These items are on sale in house

Coffee Mugs (1/1) Single Editions

unique coffee mugs for NFTArt lovers!

Burn Supply!

Buy and trade these to burn NFTART tokens!

Enter Coffee (Unique Single Editions)

Rare and exclusive NFTArt coffee cups

Coffee (Single & Limited Editions)

There is always some coffee available to grab from the coffee shop if you want some. (exclusive)


Babytrons are cute and they are prepared to save the world.

Portraits of Flamingos (Originals)

Portraits of Flamingos is project that combines low poly with pixel art and it celebrates zig zag lines created by the use of these art forms. These portraits are made using perfect pixels, perfectly lit pixels without anti-aliasing (AA) and hence this flamingo is completely aliased. You can enjoy the beauty of aliasing by zooming into these portraits.. For the best experience please use an image viewer software such as Preview. Storyline: Civilization of flamingos advanced to it's all time high. During this period there were advancement in all known fields to science. They created their own culture, advanced in technology and explored the space. This collection of portraits is the only recorded history of their great civilization. There are total 25 portraits in the first collection.

Queen of Flamingos

Portrait of the last ruling queen known in the flamingo metaverse!