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Hi, i'm Peter Geuer! I love art in all its forms. Just Keep walking and never give up! Here you will find my look at photography and digital art. - I'm working on a project and I appreciate if you can help me by purchasing an NFT. - My art has different inspirations, above all inspired by more than 140 years of tradition of my family with restoration and creation of stained glass and mosaics. You can read about my grandfather, Paul Geuer, in the book "Luz no Êxtase: Vitrais e Vitralistas no Brasil (Light on Ecstasy: Brazil's Stained Glass Windows and Artists)" - My photos are original and are not manipulated/edited; - My photos are based on nature and the interaction of nature with the urban environment; - I like to create concept photographs.

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The desired visitor

"The Desired Visitor" is a poem written by Peter Geuer at the end of the year 2021 in a moment of reflection and admiration for nature and the search for understanding the purpose of human nature. This art seeks to eternalize this moment with this beautiful representation of a hummingbird that inspired the creation of the poem. The poem is in Portuguese, the original language in which it was written. The four stanzas was divided between the four versions of the art of the hummingbird in the stained glass style.


Sticker versions of my art.

My Collection

My NFT collection.

Pixel Art

My pixel art.

Vitraal Universe

Based on a project that I intend to turn into a short story that will be part of a fictional universe. Each piece reveals a little about this universe.


My art in mosaic style.


My drawings.


My Artwork.

Stained Glass Classic Windows

This collection is intended to portray the strong relationship between stained glass and churches throughout the history of this incredible art, creating art based on biblical passages, as it has always been portrayed in stained glass windows in churches.

Vitral Moderno

Series of arts inspired by modern stained glass.

Nature in Shadows

A series of nature photos with natural lighting, highlighting the silhouettes of nature.

Piet Mondrian Series

A series of stained glass-style artwork inspired in the famous artist Pieter Cornelis Mondrian.