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CREATOR: @millennial


This NFT is a part of this collection: Only Portraits v2

This masterpiece is presenting Geisha NFT. Check our gallery for more.



1,500 Bn

$ 48.37

From London🇬🇧 Hello everyone! Welcome to our world. Feel free to take a sit and enjoy the journey on our profile. 🪂 🎯 We create Custom Made NFT's. If you have any request, or you want to get any specific artwork, just let us know and we will make your wish come true. Here to deliver and create Art ✅Original ✅Unique ✅Rare ✅High Quality Different types of artwork such as: ☑Anime ☑Cartoons ☑Memes ☑Portraits ☑Art ☑Abstract ☑Psychedelic ☑Nature Inspired every day by people and things around. Check our Gallery for more and make sure to press the Follow and Like button if you like something. Enjoy! Kind regards, Millennial.

10/29/2023 3:06 AM
Listed for $48.37
1,500 Bn
10/29/2023 2:53 AM
Bought for $0.95
29.5 Bn
9/9/2021 8:27 PM
Listed for $0.95
29.5 Bn
9/9/2021 8:12 PM
9/9/2021 8:11 PM