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Hi everyone! I love to draw, edit and create content and then transform them digitally. Lover of saturated colors and black and white in equal measure. I am the parent of a child with autism, something that has helped me a lot to see "nice things" where other people would never have noticed. Several of my works are actually drawings of my son edited by me. On the other hand, I wanted to bring our version of Ether Rocks to enter & binance smart chain, so I created The BNB Rocks! And I love that people have liked my improved version in their different collections! I hope you like it!

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BNB Black Rocks

Ten exclusive and collectible BNB Black Rocks.

Unique 1/1 BNB Rocks

Unique 1/1 BNB Rocks.
No nfts added yet...

BNB Inclusive Rocks

This collection is to support the most vulnerable groups. I have decided to make five copies of each group. This collection has just started and will continue to expand. Whoever owns one means that you SUPPORT that group! If you want me to create a BNB Inclusive Rock of a specific group, tell me and if I end up publishing it, one of the five copies I make will be yours! I hope you enjoy it!

Free Butterfly

This collection is already finished with a total of 20 versions. A photo of a wild butterfly taken by me and digitally edited. Enjoy it!

Hand painted and digital edited

First I draw them on paper and then I put them on the computer. Then I color and digitally modify them until I reach the final result! I hope you like it.

BNB Burning Rocks Collection

This is my collection to support the burn wallet. It consists of a total of 88 cards that are divided as follows: 1. (50) COMMON cards - 20% Burn! 2. (25) RARE cards - 30% Burn! 3. (9) EPIC cards - 40% Burn! 4. (3) LEGENDARY cards - 50% Burn! 5. (1) MYTHICAL card - 70% Burn! Let's burn!

BNB Enter.Rocks

Exclusive BNB Enter.Rocks! Created in honor of ENTER and its incredible community.

My personal Collection.

Some are for sale, some are not!


Is the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none.