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CREATOR: @luvcraftart


This NFT is a part of this collection: CyberCity 2088

ZERATO E-112 is a heavily augmented conglomerate owned cybersoldier, a formidable figure in the dystopian landscape of CyberCity. He stands as a testament to the advanced technology of his era, his body extensively modified with cybernetic enhancements that make him a superior warrior in this bleak, futuristic world. His limbs are reinforced with sleek, metallic components, and his eyes are equipped with a single glowing, high-tech visor, providing enhanced vision and data analysis capabilities. With an imposing, armored physique, ZERATO E-112 is not only physically intimidating but also highly intelligent, capable of rapid tactical decision-making. His presence on the battlefield is both awe-inspiring and fear-inducing, a perfect embodiment of the relentless pursuit of military perfection in a world where technology and humanity have become inextricably intertwined. Outside of his service he is a misfit, an utterly broken less than human being that does not fit in a non combat zone.

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250 Bn

$ 11.07

Multi discipline NFT artist from Germany.

11/14/2023 10:29 AM
Listed for $11.07
250 Bn
11/14/2023 10:24 AM
11/14/2023 10:23 AM