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CREATOR: @luvcraftart

Free My Soul

This NFT is a part of this collection: pAInted

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jack who lived his life in a constant state of anxiety and fear. He had been raised by a strict father who had instilled in him a set of rigid beliefs about the world. Jack had been taught to fear change and to stay within the boundaries of what was considered "normal" by his family and community. As he grew older, Jack found himself feeling increasingly trapped by the mental constraints that had been placed upon him. He longed to break free from the mental slavery that held him back and to explore the world beyond the limited perspective he had been taught. One day, Jack decided to take a bold step and challenge his own beliefs. He began to question everything he had been taught, and to seek out new experiences and perspectives. He read books, spoke to people from different walks of life, and traveled to new places. As he stepped out of his comfort zone and embraced new ideas and experiences, Jack felt his mind expanding and his anxiety receding. He realized that he had been living in a mental prison of his own making, and that he had the power to break free at any time. Eventually, Jack found himself living a life that was more authentic and fulfilling than he could have ever imagined. He had overcome the mental slavery that had held him back for so long, and had become a free thinker who was unafraid to challenge the status quo. From that day forward, Jack lived his life with a sense of purpose and freedom that he had never known before. He had broken free from the mental chains that had once held him back, and had discovered the true potential of his mind and spirit. --- AI based, refined in Photoshop. Printable up to: 80 cm by 80 cm 9449px by 9449px at 300dpi JPG 37,5 MB

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Multi discipline NFT artist from Germany.

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