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CREATOR: @luvcraftart


This NFT is a part of this collection: pAInted

Once upon a time in a small village nestled deep within the enchanted forest, there lived a lady named Enacella. She was known for her eccentric personality and peculiar ideas. Enacella was a curious soul who saw the world through a different lens, often embracing unconventional thoughts that others found strange. Enacella was a woman of whimsy and imagination. She would spend hours wandering in the forest, collecting peculiar stones and examining the shapes of clouds. Her favorite pastime was observing the insects that crawled beneath the moss-covered rocks, believing that they held secret messages from another realm. One day, as Enacella strolled through the village square, she noticed a dilapidated old building on the outskirts. Its faded sign read "Library of Forgotten Knowledge." Intrigued, Enacella stepped inside, her eyes widening with excitement. Inside the library, Enacella discovered dusty books piled high on every shelf. The scent of aged paper filled the air, and cobwebs stretched across forgotten corners. Enacella's heart skipped a beat as she saw titles like "The Language of Trees" and "The Art of Conversing with Stars." These were the books that no one else dared to touch, believing them to be nonsense. Undeterred by the skepticism of others, Enacella eagerly flipped through the pages, absorbing every word. She would often sit by the fireplace, surrounded by stacks of her newfound knowledge, scribbling furiously in her notebook. Her neighbors whispered and chuckled, thinking she had gone mad. --- AI based, refined in Photoshop. Printable up to: 100 cm by 132,75 cm 11811px by 15679px at 300dpi JPG 50,2 MB

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300 Bn

$ 8.84

Multi discipline NFT artist from Germany.

6/1/2023 6:33 PM
Listed for $8.84
300 Bn
6/1/2023 6:30 PM
6/1/2023 6:30 PM