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Bird People

We are all birds... on different levels of existence. What connect and links the pieces in this collection are- you guessed it - Bird People! This collection features HQ enhanced AI based pictures at 300 dpi Printable in large size for your wall. Created by luvcraft.

Methods Of Madness

Methods Of Madness is a collection of impossible illustrations. It expresses madness visually and can reach from funny to outright scary. It was created in 2023 by German artist Luvcraft. More about the artist: https://www.luvcraft.art

A Future Past

Haunting and yet strangely familiar these analog pictures from a future past fascinate. Each picture in this series is recreating real life analogue laboratory processes.


When traditional painting techniques and modern AI tech come together something fascinating can emerge. Pieces from this collection are created in dialog of AI and Procreate drawing. Finished in Photoshop to bring out color and clarity. All pieces can be printed.

Her Majesty's Cyber Force

Meet the Cyber Force, Queen Victoria's line of defense on the cyber crime front. This series celebrates agents from different branches and time periods of the Agency.

Return To Candyland

A sequel to my very successful original Candyland collection. Each NFT consists of a short story and a high quality picture.

Shiny Happy People

Colorful pop art series with that special smile :-)

Unique And Beautiful

A collection of rare 1/1 NFTs that are created while using different AI techniques on at least one stage of the creation process. In any case the creation contains a process of careful human interaction. Most of these pieces combine photography, AI generation and blending techniques. The results are high resolution pictures that are beautiful collectible 1/1 pieces.


Space for the special pieces - like those to celebrate milestones.