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CREATOR: @luvcraft


This NFT is a part of this collection: lIST3N

An audiovisual experiment. The main song structure stays the same, while the lead sound is extracted from the center frame of the video clip. The image ways hand drawn in Procreate and the video is an actual time lapse of the creation process. This is a part of the prototype series.



100 Bn

$ 3.66

Cris Frickenschmidt aka „Luvcraft“ is a multi discipline artist from Germany. Traveling Europe as a performing musician, Luvcraft draws inspiration from visiting new places and meeting new people. The terms valid for all NFTs offered by luvcraft on this platform can be found here: Luvcraft Discord:

1/22/2023 2:01 PM
Listed for $3.66
100 Bn
1/22/2023 1:59 PM
1/22/2023 1:58 PM