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CREATOR: @luvcraft

Enter’s Eleven #04 „I want my NFT“

This NFT is a part of this collection: Enter‘s Eleven

Enter’s Eleven #04 -A physical art piece! —— About the series: Enter’s Eleven is a collection of 11 pieces of trashy physical art pieces. Each one is a unique piece and each NFT includes the actual physical piece. All pieces are 3D printed, some are painted with acrylics some are pure prints. All are signed by the artist. Postage is not included in the purchase and needs to be settled with the artist individually in BNB. Get one of the legendary Enter’s Eleven today!

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$ 0.57

Cris Frickenschmidt aka „Luvcraft“ is a multi discipline artist from Germany. Traveling Europe as a performing musician, Luvcraft draws inspiration from visiting new places and meeting new people. The terms valid for all NFTs offered by luvcraft on this platform can be found here: Luvcraft Discord:

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