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Should you be interested in one of the NFT's, but the currency is wrong for you, please contact me via socials. Jan, aka Lucian Shye is a musical and visual artist from Germany. Part of the german Artist Collective EnterOutpostGermany. "Arts and Music enrich every day of my life!"

The Gotham City Gargoyles

The can be found all around Gotham, watching over the dark city!


No special theme to this collection... Just what pops out of the creative process.

The golden Legion

They came from all over time and space, from the realms of Fact, Fiction and Fairytales...

The dark Cathedral

Who would like to spend the night?

Descent into the Abstract

When things from the real world turn into abstract Art... Be sure to see the whole Images!


A Series of 12 Images that somehow make my Mind go on a Hike. What happens in yours is for you to experience. No. 01 - Fox Hunt, No. 02 - Gunman, No. 03 - Snow Globes, No. 04 - Wait Outside, No. 05 - Gallery in the Caves #1, No. 06 - Blueprints - Scarecrow, No. 07 - Blueprints - Robot, No. 08 - Cabin in the Valley, No. 09 - Base Camp, No. 10 - Gallery in the Caves #2, No. 11 - Opera on the Mountain, No. 12 - Off to Mars

Glitches in the Animal Kingdom

This Collection brings you digitally distorted friends from the Animal Kingdom. Definitely not as intended by Mother Nature.

Alien Flowers

This collection brings you 25 colorful flowers from distant and strange worlds.

Painter' Pets

Ever wondered what the pets of some great painters looked like? See their pets painted in their individual style.


A collection dedicated to the greatest instrument of them all.

The Eye

Simple Duality


Meet the Family - or my schizophrenic ensemble, however you wish to see it.

Colors - Lines - Shapes

Lines of Colors form shapes in dark places.

The Color of Music

Because Music gives life colors.

Eyes in the sky

A collection dedicated to the fact that everything is in the eye of the beholder.


Random Fun Stuff.