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CREATOR: @limit_till_skateboards

Limit Till Skateboard #17 "Release Skate"

This NFT is a part of this collection: Limit Till Skateboards

Collaboration with feature artist @eyeeyemouthdesign There is a mad urgency in this EEM, but also a sense of the playful. The red bleeding into orange connects the images and the orange softens the image; reducing the severity of the instruction. Every EEM is created with images that I capture in the real world. I have worked in the creative industries my whole career and am fascinated by the type that I find around me. Every piece of typography was chosen by somebody somewhere, every typeface was built by a typographer. Then time added its own stamp; degrading and distressing the letterforms to create something fascinating and completely unique. The stories behind each image I capture are endlessly intriguing and I have made these EEMs to bring the type around me to life; allowing them to be seen and shared as characters within a new story. All purchases of this NFT Will come with a physical skateboard.

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$ 163.58

29 From Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Earned his college degree in graphic design and print media. My craft is , I make NFT skateboards and a physical board comes with every NFT. Shipped Skateboards worldwide. Been doing this craft since 2014, As well as a collector of Art and Media its in my blood.

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