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CREATOR: @kner

Pyramon #4 - Deadfool

This NFT is a part of these collections: Random Beautiful Art, Pyramon

Pyramon #4 - Deadfool (Common Pyramon) This bloody Pyramon, is said to be undead. After following Entermon into the enterverse it tirelessly fights and devours every other crypto-existense. It also has a great sense of humor.



175 Bn

$ 30.98

I'm trying to convey my inner emotions through my art, and I am amazed with each and every new technology that would help communicate my art to every part of the world. Here you will find 2 NFT collections: "Pyramon" Pyramid Monsters or "Pyramon" for short, live and roam around the crypto universe. They were originally born from Ethereum, thus their pyramid shape but it is said that all cryptocurrencies can give birth to a monster like this. - Each Pyramon is unique, and hand drawn. The first buyer of each Pyramon gets to "co-create" the next Pyramon with me. After your purchase you will get an invitation link to our Pyramon server so we can design the next one - Rarities: -Bronze Common Pyramon (7 out of every 10) -Silver Pyramon Heroes (2 out of every 10) -Gold Pyramon Legends (1 out of every 10) -Fluorescent Pyramon Gods (1 out of every 20)\ Discord server: "Inner Circle" A collection of inner thoughts, emotions and feelings depicted with various demon / monster balloons! A more personal collection that I hope speaks to your heart as well

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175 Bn
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