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Ms. Autumn’s healer and saviour, Mercy. He is like a guardian angel with strength and nurturing abilities. Named after the most selfless Overwatch hero, Mercy has many similarities with the healing character, focusing on single person support, connecting with someone and projecting that absorbable health, love and care. Cats can alleviate negative moods, and their purring contains healing properties. They can change the overall psychological state of their owner as their company's effects appears to be comparable to that of a human. The trust between a human and cat is rare and creates a very deep bond. This is a very special NFT to me, not only because Mercy marks the day of my verification but also it strongly reminds me that dreams do come true. Big thanks to Mercy, Tracer and specially to their wonderful mom Ms. Autumn, for the helping me a lot to fulfill this dream. I will treasure this forever, Enter Fam.

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Filipino NFT Artist I Creator of "It's Meh" Collections I Pet NFTs I Animal NFTs Want to be a G.O.A.T.? Now you can be one, by choosing one of my "It's Meh" collections, pick what reflects you the most, and you can call the NFT you own, "It's Meh". ALL ARE HAND DRAWN GOATS. It's Meh Avatars represent the people in society and appreciation towards them. Each goat's title also depicts who you want to become, it can be your dream, an idol, or even your inspiration that reflects from the goats themselves. Grab now what reflects and inspires you the most. Commissions are still available too, you can DM me here or in discord (jp_marasigan) to have your own desired preferences of goat or to turn your wonderful pets/buds as NFTs. Prices are negotiable.

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