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CREATOR: @jp_marasigan

It's Meh #25 - The Enter Knight

This NFT is a part of these collections: Cool stuff, IT'S MEH WARRIOR EDITION

Stand behind me, I will give you protection. This NFT comes with commercial rights, Right to resell, but not allowed to modify without the author's permission.




$ 57.31

Filipino NFT Artist I Creator of "It's Meh" Collections I Pet NFTs I Animal NFTs Want to be a G.O.A.T.? Now you can be one, by choosing one of my "It's Meh" collections, pick what reflects you the most, and you can call the NFT you own, "It's Meh". ALL ARE HAND DRAWN GOATS. It's Meh Avatars represent the people in society and appreciation towards them. Each goat's title also depicts who you want to become, it can be your dream, an idol, or even your inspiration that reflects from the goats themselves. Grab now what reflects and inspires you the most. Commissions are still available too, you can DM me here or in discord (jp_marasigan) to have your own desired preferences of goat or to turn your wonderful pets/buds as NFTs. Prices are negotiable.

4/20/2022 8:32 PM
Listed for $57.31
4/17/2022 2:30 PM
Won auction $1.86
58 Bn
4/17/2022 1:56 PM
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4/17/2022 1:55 PM
4/17/2022 1:54 PM