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CREATOR: @indira_iofeye

Where Eyes Collide

Combination of several drawings and digital work. Symbolizing the moments of synthesis that happens when seemingly unrelated paths, ideas, perspectives collide/connect and create entirely new possibility or trajectory. In my art process, I often work with this nottion of collision, bringing different elements together in new formations. Sometimes these kinds of experiments create outputs that I could not have predicted and give rise to new associations and therefore possibly new ways of seeing or doing.

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549.4 Bn

$ 62.20

Artist working in different media - drawing, painting, digital, video, VJing and installations. On an adventurous journey of creation through intuitive play, experimentation and exploration.

2/27/2023 9:38 PM
Listed for $62.20
549.4 Bn
2/27/2023 9:37 PM
2/27/2023 9:34 PM