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CREATOR: @indira_iofeye

Looking awry - gaze behind the silk veils

Mixed media work - created in the analog dimension and enhanced in the digital dimension. Part of the IOFEYE Entropomorphisms universe (an ongoing project in multiple mediums, formats and modalities) , where wor(l)ds collide, where meanings and conceptual stabilities liquidize and morph, where entropic unfoldings generate unexpected familiarities , where synapses are thrown into abyss hoping to catch a tail of a fresh tale and where Morpheus peeks behind thin membrane of dimensions. This piece is called "Looking Awry" - drawing upon the concept of looking awry from Zizek, as a way of seeing or revealing things that may remain undetected to the direct eye/gaze. An oblique way of getting to the centre. The motif is composed of multiple (possible) figures and dimensionalities morphing into each other. What is revealed depends on the way of looking - not only by the eye that gazes, but the I behind the eye WHO gazes. The gaze is cast back to the one who looks, it is looking awry - into a mirror.

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Artist working in different media - drawing, painting, digital, video, VJing and installations. On an adventurous journey of creation through intuitive play, experimentation and exploration.

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