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CREATOR: @indira_iofeye

Lifting of Veils

Digital composition consisting of multiple photographs, drawings, fragments of other digital works, AI outputs - and subsequent digital editing and painting. Lifting of Veils centers around the themes of inner reflection, insight and realization. It is a about the process of going in, deep inside ourselves and daring to explore - even the regions that may feel scary or foreign, things that we intuitively know would change the way we view ourselves and the world. And while we all may have mentors and teachers, the steps inside we must take ourselves in order to go beyond who we may think we are. The inner process can be rewarding as it can be scary, it can be wonderous as it can be intense, it can be liberating as it can be painful - and yet all of it in its intensity has a deep beauty. We travel through the often uncharted regions of our inner selves, sometimes not knowing where we may arrive or what lies beyond the inner mirror portals. But each going deep also allows one to emerge with new jewels of understanding, of deeper seeing and connection and a richer relationships to the many dimensions of ourselves. To be is to be an open question, an exploration, a journey and certainly also an adventure.

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Artist working in different media - drawing, painting, digital, video, VJing and installations. On an adventurous journey of creation through intuitive play, experimentation and exploration.

7/29/2022 7:28 AM
Listed for $64.77
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7/29/2022 7:25 AM
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