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Self taught artist from South Africa! I just like creating art and making it into a reality.

Slick Pepe Trading Cards - Enter Edition

Welcome to the Slick Pepe Trading Cards universe! We all like laughing why not do it together!

Slicky Slicks

They are baby slicks! Aren't they cute? Be careful though some might be a handful if not looked after ;)

CryptoAK47s - The Revival

Fun concepts for Skins for AK47s

Lost in Dreams

Just me losing myself in 3D!

Free Will Skateboards

Welcome to the FWS Family! It's your weekly drop of slick skateboards!


Welcome to CLUB 17! Number one place on the blockchain to get yourself a drink or two! We are busy building our club and hope to have you all part of it once it’s up and running. We will be releasing our discord channel soon to enable you to join CLUB 17 we will have a bar; we will have a dance floor and we will have a VIP floor. We will be serving beer, alcohol free beer, wine, cocktails and high-end bottle service. We will be dropping drinks daily, stay tuned and get your drinks on. Be responsible and be safe! Don't drink and drive on the blockchain ;)

Imagination into Reality

Mixing up imagination into reality! This is where my art is showcased with more of a realism feel to it!

Slick Garage

Welcome to Slick Garage! We got top of the range vehicles at our disposal! Be sure to check in everyday to see what new vehicles we are bringing into the garage! The only difference between us and any other garage...our vehicles never lose value

Slick Animated Gifs

Each piece tells a story of love or death it depends how you look at it!

Slickdams - The New Age

a New age of Slickdams are born on the multiverse!

AAP - Adopt a Pet

Adopt your very own NFT pet! Be sure to look after them and take good care of them!

The Council

Original collectible series based around my series of "The Council"


Colorful illustrations to brighten up the day!