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CREATOR: @hq_design

Golden Kraken

This NFT is a part of these collections: Beta Babies, Wesman6 Favorites, Ocean

Collection: Limited Edition Golden Baby Uniqueness: Golden Babies are limited to 1 per Beta Baby type. They are earned by collecting 1 of each Baby in the collection. These are individually minted and handed out by the artist upon confirmation of the collection of babies. Collection Earned: This Golden Baby was earned through the collection of "Mythical" which was released during the official Launch of the website. Artist note: The Golden Kraken was released during Enter.Art's launch and is always hungry for unknowing ships on the sea. About the work: Limited in quantity, these 8-Bit collectibles are nostalgic in nature with a throwback to one of the world’s famous collectibles in the 90’s. Minted and Earned: August 23, 2021 Type: Legendary

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**Original Beta Artist** Art is being free. Design is a journey. Illustrator/Animator - USA

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