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CREATOR: @fotogra4bar

Blumenmädchen Grün 04

This NFT is a part of this collection: Blumenmädchen

This picture was taken in 2021 and is part of my "Blumenmädchen" series. The flowers are attached to the model with electrical insulation tape. "Blumenmädchen" is German for "Flower Girl". There are multiple color series. "Grün" is German for the color green. --- Please refer to my bio for licensing information.

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Hi! I am Nici, photographer from Germany. My series are more or less experimental, I work with different models and like to live out creative ideas. Now I would like to take some first steps into the NFT world. You can find my terms for the sale of NFTs here:

1/18/2022 2:00 PM
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1/18/2022 1:56 PM
1/18/2022 1:55 PM