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Digital artist.I mostly make portraits,sometimes landscapes,but I don't shy away from drawing other suff ;)

Castles Gen 2

With new hardware comes new changes...and better quality! These castles are much beautiful and crisp, compared to the first ones, which required a second generation.

Song interpretations

These are artistic interpretations of songs I like or inspire me.

B&W Portraits

B&W portraits I make will go here. I'll be making them once in a while.

Midas' Vault

The long undiscovered vault of king Midas has been found-riches gathered by devoted guardians through the ages rest here-as far as the eye can see and the mind can imagine! The pieces of this collection will be auctioned ONLY.With every item you purchase through the auction,you will get a certain amount of gold coins (NFT),which will bring prizes to the first two who get the most coins.The collection is of 15 pieces total. Good luck,collectors!

Christmas Collection

Spread the Christmas spirit with these lovely pieces of art

A World In Roses

You are suddenly plunged into a world covered in roses.What do you make of it?A world of beuty...or deceit? "A World In Roses is my attempt at a visual novel,told through NFTs and text.Buyers will have the bonus of having up to 3 FREE NFTs,which will be the possible endings of this story.To get a particular one,buy at least two NFTs from the collection and find all of ONE type of secrets.Along with that,you'll get a cheat book of sorts,to find out about all of the secrets and easter eggs. Happy reading and searching!


Strange monoliths have shown up all over the Universe!Some say they bring ill news,while others think they are a blessing.Can you decode the hidden secret in all 16 zodiacs and decipher their message?Surely it will bring you more than knowledge ;) . Collect all 16 zodiacs and decipher the hidden message and you will get a special NFT from me for free! :)

Epic Landscapes

A collection of epic and breathtaking landscapes that will make you want to be there.Enjoy the view! ;)


Fantasy/old time/dark castles


Collection of AI-generated art,created from my wacky imagination :D .I edit some of them,if I don't like the result.


Collection of landscapes I make-hand-drawn :)

Drakes Den

Collection of my personal NFT project called Drakes Den.Here you will find Drakes of all sorts.Some are common,some rare and so on.


Collection with portraits I make and mint into NFTs.I will gradually be filling this collection as I make them