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A growing world of collaboration. A joint efford by enterverse artists.


The Dragonslayers are a community of dragon-hunting warriors, that have ancient traditions of weapon and armor crafting. It’s rumored that they can bend the elements to enchant their equipment. Not surprisingly, given the tribe’s name, they use parts of the dragons they slay (mainly scales) not only as decoration, but to instill fear into potential enemies.

The Steppen

The race consists of elf-like humanoids with horns on their head. Almost every Steppen has different ears in terms of length, wideness and general shape. Steppen are creatures that are mainly trade focused, since the Stepp road goes through their territory and is the only way connecting arriving and departing ships.

 It is known that Steppen that have a talent in a different field or just have an exceptionally outstanding character, are born with different colored eyes from the rest of the tribe. It is worth noting that, because of the Steppen’s reputation as capable traders, beings from all over the world gather here on the so-called Bazaar days to trade with them and each other, since the Steppen assure a safe environment for such activities. 

 The area their country is centered around is between the ocean and the Razor Hills. Due to the climate, the grass here is of yellow color and there are very few flowers - a lot of herbs, however

The Enginearos

A race of friendly creatures. Valued by their neighbors for their skills to wokr with wood and metal. Some of their simple machines like damns and water wheels have made them a healthy trading and production hub.

Maps Of Enteria

A collection of maps from the world of Enteria.


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