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The Ducalithes are a race with a tragic history. Due to a curse inflicted upon them long ago, the females have hideous faces, hence the need for them to wear masks constantly. The masks themselves have distorted facial features, to warn observers of their cursed faces. Their way of life consists of hunting prey – for the females, at least. The males are punished to always be locked inside their houses and take care of the offspring and the house itself. They are also forbidden from showing themselves to outsiders. If one gets seen – he is to be either executed, or whipped, depending on the mood of the Dark Lady. Despite their creepy visage and harsh ways, the Ducalithes are actually quite empathetic and caring for others. They are always ready to help others in need, no matter what race or tribe they belong to.

The Bajun

The Bajun are a friendly, yet reclusive tribe who is very much in sync with nature. They are very spiritual and take good care of the dead.

The Yetanaza

A tribe of peaceful but strong beings. They are living of the spoils of the lands, prefer the icy mountains and are very laid back. If you are looking for a spiritual experience - or just a good time - you should attend one of their festivals. I would recommend to not miss „Washing Of The Mountains“ when you are in the area at the right time in Spring. The leading women of the tribe enjoy the duty of sliding down mountain sides on their bellies to welcome the coming of the warmer season.

The Kathooleans

This tribe has quite literally come from the oceans. They are land dwelling sea creatures. If there was a contest to find the brightest amongst the Enterian tribes, the Kathooleans should better not take part in it. Their bodies are soft and can - to a certain extend - change shape. They try to mimick shapes of other bipedal races, but never seem to quite get it right.

They are rather on the weak side and rely on help. But they have one ace up their sleeve. They are exceptional divers and can harvest tasty food from the bottom of the sea, that is highly prized by other tribes.


The Steinmen are beings of pure energy that one day decided to encase themselves in bodies of stone and gems, so they can be more like the other races. That ultimately led to them being even more isolated, because of their now scary look. As a tribe, the Steinmen are capable of earth and rock manipulation, with the more powerful ones being capable of shifting the form of the hardest rocks with just their minds. They are not aggressive, however. The only time they fought was to free themselves from the attacks of horrible beasts long gone now. The Steinmen are also capable of healing through consumption of crystals, each one having a different effect. They are also somewhat able to manipulate energy through use of special crystals.


The Dragonslayers are a community of dragon-hunting warriors, that have ancient traditions of weapon and armor crafting. It’s rumored that they can bend the elements to enchant their equipment. Not surprisingly, given the tribe’s name, they use parts of the dragons they slay (mainly scales) not only as decoration, but to instill fear into potential enemies.

The Steppen

The race consists of elf-like humanoids with horns on their head. Almost every Steppen has different ears in terms of length, wideness and general shape. Steppen are creatures that are mainly trade focused, since the Stepp road goes through their territory and is the only way connecting arriving and departing ships.

 It is known that Steppen that have a talent in a different field or just have an exceptionally outstanding character, are born with different colored eyes from the rest of the tribe. It is worth noting that, because of the Steppen’s reputation as capable traders, beings from all over the world gather here on the so-called Bazaar days to trade with them and each other, since the Steppen assure a safe environment for such activities. 

 The area their country is centered around is between the ocean and the Razor Hills. Due to the climate, the grass here is of yellow color and there are very few flowers - a lot of herbs, however

The Enginearos

A race of friendly creatures. Valued by their neighbors for their skills to wokr with wood and metal. Some of their simple machines like damns and water wheels have made them a healthy trading and production hub.

Maps Of Enteria

A collection of maps from the world of Enteria.


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