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Hi I'm Daniel, I've been following, researching, and learning about NFTs since they first came out. I am extremely bullish on NFT Art Finance and believe in many of the great upcoming artists on this scene. For that reason, I am investing in these NFTs because I know that shortly they will be worth a pretty penny as these new artists arise so will the price of their original pieces which I am collecting while there is time.

Guaco la guaca de Venezuela

This is one of kind NFT collaboration with top NFT artist @roger_cadiz, @keyoveride and Daniel olivares @eldany58. This collection features the Venezuelan born guacamayas visiting iconic places in their country Venezuela.

My space exploration memoirs

These is where I keep track of the aliens I meet along the way as I meditate, or astro project or something else ... and other encounters with ships and planets

Caras vemos....

Caras vemos.....corazones no sabemos

Los monos panas

Los panitas monkeys Created by the great artist @roger_cadiz