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CREATOR: @corpizx28

Whale in the Depths - Limited Series #M01

A little story from my art "Whale in the Depth", my father was a fisherman and he died coz catching fish in the sea when I was a kid, that's the story is what inspired me to make "Whale in the Depths" Thank you a lot for taking the time to see and read a little story from my art. Artwork specs limited for Owner : ( high res photo in link drive ) Dimensions 5400 x 4320 px with dpi 300 ( Limited for Owner ) Edition 1 of 1, PNG

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Hello, me as Launchpad Artist based in Indonesian. And here I do whatever I can do, "Reach the limit and exceed it". NEW COLLECTION WILL BE VERY COMING SOON!! STAYTUNE GUYS.. Why NFT? To become a verified artist, there will be no shortcut, then this is my place to reveal all my artworks and my fantasy of my brain to reach my goals. Look forward to my artwork! Very Thankyou and Welcome.

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