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CREATOR: @corpizx28

Tigerbändiger - Special Edition #M10

Entitled "Tigerbändiger" taken from German Language which means Tiger tamer. This is a Special Edition Collection #M10, previously there was #M01 too. Concept this time is a Tiger Shepherd Boy, full of blood wounds he managed to tame the big ferocious Tiger, and now roams the lakes in search of prey. Special Edition on my Art Manipulation Collections : #M01 #M10 #M13 #M28 etc. Artwork specs limited for Owner : ( highres photo in link drive ) Dimensions 1800 x 2400 px with dpi 150 ( Limited for Owner ) Credit Stock : Edition 1 of 1, PNG and JPG

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Hello, me as Launchpad Artist based in Indonesian. And here I do whatever I can do, "Reach the limit and exceed it". NEW COLLECTION WILL BE VERY COMING SOON!! STAYTUNE GUYS.. Why NFT? To become a verified artist, there will be no shortcut, then this is my place to reveal all my artworks and my fantasy of my brain to reach my goals. Look forward to my artwork! Very Thankyou and Welcome.

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