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CREATOR: @ccdd

StickMEN - LvL 07 - aka “Spoon boy”

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O /|\ / \ StickMEN - Which one is your favourite? 
Or what is your level?
 I’m (lucky) number 07. 
I don't need sticks anymore! The outer lines represent my body. Yeah I know, my hands look like spoons. But did you know that "there is no spoon"? I've been bullied because of them, but I've learned to embrace it. Can you see that this shape is helping to express something that looks like a hand? Oke, my feet are still build around a triangular shape, but at least they are more then just a line! Is that a hair? This is the -NFT- of a digital and genuine artwork by Cédric Debled. Hand-drawn in Procreate. 4000 x 4000 pixels.

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120 Bn

$ 4.59

I’m Cédric Debled, born in Metz (FR) 1981. I'm a half French half Dutch human being living in Europe. I'm a passionated artist who loves to make both digital and traditional work on 2D surfaces.

3/27/2023 3:57 PM
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120 Bn
3/27/2023 3:54 PM
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6/12/2022 7:57 PM
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