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Positive vibes

Presenting the verisimilitude is not the aim here. Here, the art form (or you may call ‘deform’) is non-objective, yet overflowing with purity, simplicity, and spirituality - with rare or no trace at all in any external visual reality of the world or the Universe. Just as there are patterns of sound in music, there are patterns of emotional flow here. This artwork can be appreciated for its forms, lines, and colors, for it is trying to balance between entropy and negentropy. Even this balance need not be perfect, because perfection seeks closeness to reality, whereas abstract art seeks freedom from reality. As such, perfect representation or replication is impossible. We need to be at peace with the imperfections, the deviations; for we are humans and not God. #blissofart

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#Researcher #Artist #Photographer #Collector || Love villages🛖, trees 🌱🌳and #NFTs 🖼️|| ₁₀₀% օʀɢǟռɨƈ ɢʀօաȶɦ #blissofart ||

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