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CREATOR: @benjamin_armijo

Man in the woods

In the painting, a man with dark skin sits in the middle of a field surrounded by nature. He is like a strong and sturdy tree, with roots deeply rooted in the earth. The sun shines upon him and the wind gently blows his hair to one side. The man appears to be at peace with himself and with the world around him. His presence seems to be a natural part of his environment, in perfect harmony with the land and sky. The painting exudes an air of tranquility and connection with nature, as if the man were just another element of divine creation.

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93.78 Bn

$ 3.02

Visual artist based in Mexico City

3/15/2023 5:54 PM
Listed for $3.02
93.78 Bn
3/15/2023 5:50 PM
3/15/2023 5:35 PM