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"Beta BDP" - Buyer, Collector, Re-seller of art. I purchased 145 pieces from the original Enter.art platform that was known as "The Beta Platform". I then purchased another 255 pieces during the first month of official launch. Born and raised in Missouri, USA. I originally invested in the NFTart token on April 23rd 2021. I purchased large amounts, several times, and became a top 200 holder. I'm not a rich guy. I used my hard earned money to invest. I've invested more of my money into this token than any other coin or Crypto that I currently hold. When the Beta platform launched, I knew art needed to be purchased in order for the platform to survive. I wanted to support the artists and buying art was the best way to do that. During the Beta phase, I spent ALL of my Tokens on art. My hopes are that this platform will not only survive, but it will become a central hub to the art community. I have purchased several pieces from several artists and will be re-listing art as time goes on. If you want to work out a package deal on several pieces or if you want to haggle on price, just message me on discord or Twitter. My profile is BDP777 on both. THANK YOU for viewing my page! I truly appreciate each and every purchase and I know that the artists do too!! Every item I sell, supports both the artists and the NFTart Ecosystem.

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Flower Boi's

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I like 7's. They are lucky. My birthday is on the 7th.